• To provide a seamless system of support, resources, and training to families with children from birth through high school.
  • To build capacity of parents, particularly those who are educationally and/or economically disadvantaged, to become an integral part of their children's educational success.
  • To develop parent advocacy and leadership skills.


  1. Establishing a statewide network of parents, pre K-16 educators, business and community leaders, and faith- and community-based organizations to work with, and support families and their children.
  2. Providing families with NCLB information and understanding about state/local report cards, public school choice, SES, and parents' rights.
  3. Working with KS SEA to provide technical assistance to LEAs/schools to implement parental involvement policies and Title I, Section 1118.
  4. Promoting and supporting quality PAT and Head Start early childhood programs to promote school readiness.
  5. Working with pre K-16 school-based/school-linked programs to increase educators' understanding of working with diverse families, how to enable more effective communication between parents and professionals and how to increase parent involvement in children's learning.
  6. Ensuring that parents have access to literacy training/resources to more effectively enable their children's academic growth and achievement.


Name Title Email
Jane Groff Director jgroff@kpirc.org
Barbara Gannaway Assistant Director bgannaway@kpirc.org
Natalie Schweda Office Manager nschweda@kpirc.org